Green ButtonDiabloSport is an enthusiast-powered brand, driven by technology. We create innovative tuning solutions for late model, gas powered cars and trucks, which allow users to tune their vehicles, in their driveway. We offer products designed for ease of use, while providing dyno verified power gains in a safe manner. If you are seeking more power from your ride, or better throttle response, improved shifting, increased top speed, or more, we have the tuning solution for you!

Our expertise is the capability to understand and improve complex computer systems while providing our customers with easy to use products. We employ state-of-the-art equipment such as in ground chassis dynos and emissions equipment to ensure we are providing clean, powerful tuning. We employ the best of the best in each category from software and hardware engineers, tuners and calibrators, and of course technical support specialists. From reverse engineering the OEM systems to supporting our customers through the tuning process, we are here to deliver Power You Can Feel!