Northwest Seat Covers

Green ButtonNorthwest Seat Covers has earned its reputation as one of the leading brands of seat covers by manufacturing a well-designed product. Both our Custom-Fit and Form-Fit™ are from the same family, but with two distinct personalities. With a heritage of patterns dating back to 1968, we’re proud to offer seat covers for more than 500 makes and models.

Custom-Fit seat covers are designed to fit a specific vehicle. This is a premium fitting seat cover where separate arm rests, head rests, console covers and map pockets are available. This is an application specific car and truck seat cover with a “dressed to the nines” look.

Form-Fit™ is a Semi-Custom-Universal seat cover that is available in 3 sizes; Small, Medium and Large. More than 500 test fittings were required to develop the best universal seat cover we have ever seen or tested. For many of the models, “Proof-of-Fit” photos were taken as a guide to help us refine the fit during the prototyping phase. Our database matches the correct size of cover for each and every model of vehicle that was tested. It’s a feisty semi-custom seat cover with plenty of character and a work hard attitude.