Green ButtonCataclean produces a range of “all in one” cleaning products for your engine, fuel, and exhaust system that can reduce a vehicle’s emissions by up to 60%. It can also restore performance and improve fuel economy and is widely recognized as a global market leader in the world of internal engine cleaning products. Our story started in 1995, when we developed and patented a range of convenient “pour and go” solutions for cleaning fuel and exhaust systems before, during, and after combustion, eliminating the need to pay for premium fuels at the pump. From protecting and maintaining the catalytic converter to de-clogging diesel particulate filters, Cataclean should be used every three months to help protect and clean your engine. ​Cataclean is available in petrol, diesel, and hybrid variants for car, van, and motorhome applications. We also have products for motorbikes, tools and garden machinery.