AWE has one vision: To Unlock Performance. From award-winning handcrafted performance exhausts to track-tested carbon fiber intakes and performance intercoolers, AWE innovates, designs, manufactures, retails and distributes AWE brand performance products globally through its preferred network of dealers, online and from its state-of-the-art headquarters outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Since 1991, AWE’s elite team of researchers, engineers, innovators and drivers have track-tested and introduced premium performance upgrades for some of the finest automobiles in the world.

Exhaust Kits

Welcome to the mothership of performance exhausts. Designed, engineered, and handmade in-house by a team of specialists, driven by one goal: to craft the best sounding exhausts on the planet. From McLarens to Civics to Audis to F-150s, every AWE exhaust is built to last, with trademark AWE No CEL and Perfect Fitment Guarantees.

With a suite spanning from sophisticated Touring Edition Exhausts featuring AWE’s patented drone-canceling 180 Technology®, to valved SwitchPath™ Exhausts, to more “disobedient” Track Edition Exhausts, there’s an option for every taste and budget. In other words, it’s not “which exhaust,” but rather, “which AWE exhaust.”

Air Intake Kits

For over a decade AWE has been opening the passageways for cooler, deeper breaths to unlock longer, more powerful strides. The AirGate™ and S-FLO Intake Line. From best-in-class carbon fiber air boxes to simple intakes to proprietary high-flow filters, the AirGate™ and S-FLO lines combine performance, aesthetics and trademark AWE quality, and guaranteed fitment.


AWE has been winning the battle against heat-based power loss for decades. The artillery? The AWE Intercooler and ColdFront™ Heat Exchanger lines. In-house-engineered technology keeps Intake Air Temperatures down and power up thanks to precision-designed end tanks surrounding massive bar and plate style cores, affording giant increases in fluid volume and frontal surface areas. Add in AWE’s class-leading Fitment Guarantees and we’re off to the races.

Wind Diffusers

AWE’s Foiler™ established the “wind diffuser” category in 2014 with the introduction of their Porsche 991 and 718 generation Foilers. Fast forward a generation, and the Foiler™ is still finding its place on vehicles where wind buffeting is a clear and present danger.

Defeat wind buffeting with Foiler™, the proven wind diffuser solution to prevent the dreaded feeling of your head exploding, since 2014.