Green ButtonMsport is a Canadian company dedicated to bringing the best quality performance parts and accessories to market. Our current product lineup includes our industry leading performance brake rotors and brake pads, high-quality LED conversion kits and LED replacement bulbs, 1-piece alloy wheel program and our own in-house custom manufactured DOT approved SS brake line kits.

Engineered and produced in Canada, Msport selects only the highest quality premium gray cast iron rotors produced at ISO 9001-2008 certified foundries.  Each rotor design is analyzed thoroughly in order to determine the most effective placement for the cross drilling and slotting.  This is extremely important so that the maximum benefits of venting super heated gases and maintaining a clean pad surface are achieved, while at the same time maintaining the structural integrity of the rotor.  Msport rotors resist cracking and warping, ensuring long rotor and pad life.

Utilizing CAD CAM processes the CNC machining centers execute precision programs to drill holes and mill slots maintaining a perfect balance of each rotor. We never compromise the internal fins of the rotor.  Each Msport rotor is treated with a superior quality antirust coating which is designed to protect all of the rotor’s non-friction surfaces, while still allowing very quick pad bed-in on the friction area.

Msport Carbon Metallic Disc Brake Pads are designed and engineered to meet or exceed the quality of original equipment. Using a positive mold manufacturing process provides consistency in performance and braking. Using platform specific formulations, distinctive premium features and first-to-market applications, Msport pads are a best-in-industry product. Msport pads are proudly engineered and manufactured in Canada.

Msport plug & play LED conversion kits are a superior replacement for traditional halogen headlamp bulbs. Featuring super bright white 2600-3200 lumens bulbs, these kits are far superior to HID when it comes to warm-up time, cold weather use and controlled beam pattern.

Msport Custom Made Street Legal Stainless Braided Brake Hoses provide the winning combination of quality, performance and convenience, and are D.O.T. fully compliant.  The ultimate in style and performance, Msport can replicate any brake hose with a stainless steel braided hose.

Utilizing original equipment fittings, Msport offers you up to 700 fitting choices and several different colors of dress collars – no adapters necessary.  Optionally, Msport also offers low profile fittings for people who like the sleek look.  This fitting mix and match system allows hundreds of combinations for you to customize your hose with the least amount of joins.