Green ButtonDIVIDE-IT is a universal vehicle divider that separates the front and back seating area of your vehicle allowing additional occupants where 2 metre physical distancing is not possible, minimizing health risks.

DIVIDE-IT dividers are made of premium quality high grade 20 mil plastic that is clear, lightweight, flexible and easy to clean. These removable dividers are simple to install and can be adapted to meet the requirements of most vehicles.

This product is not permanently fastened and can be easily removed for cleaning purposes. The flexibility of this clear vinyl does not cause any noise distraction or visual impairment for front or rear seat passengers.

Provides additional driver and passenger safety

  • Quick installation and is easily removed when not required
  • 20 mil high quality PVC clear vinyl
  • Easily cleaned and sanitized
  • Ideal for fleet vehicles, courtesy shuttles and ride-share vehicles
  • Four sizes available to fit most vehicles

P/N D940 – Vehicles to 40″ Interior Width

P/N D945 – Vehicles to 45″ Interior Width

P/N D950 – Vehicles to 50″ Interior Width

P/N D955 – Vehicles to 55″ Interior Width (most popular)

Typical Car Installation:







Typical Truck Installation: