ACAT Performance

Green ButtonSelect from ACAT’s exclusive High Performance Metallic Herringbone Catalytic Converters…

  • ACAT’s proprietary metallic herringbone substrate technology flows more freely, increases horsepower and torque, improves fuel economy, delivering OEM durability and reduced emissions.
  • BETTER FUEL ECONOMY: Lower cells per square inch improves flow for increased fuel economy.
  • MORE EFFICIENT EMISSIONS: Particulate removal improvements as high as 44% have been documented.
  • IMPROVED EXHAUST TONE: Herringbone technology means less noise and vibration while dampening harshness of tone.
  • INCREASED POWER AND TORQUE: Reduces back pressure for better performance and dyno-proven horsepower gains.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN: Smaller and lighter designs. Total exhaust systems will be 4 to 8 pounds lighter in V8 applications.

…or from ACAT’s Economical Ceramic OE Replacement Catalytic Converters…

  • ACAT ’s economical universal ceramic monolith catalytic converter surpasses other universal catalytic converters on the market in performance, design, and longevity.
  • ECONOMICAL REPLACEMENT: Ceramic cats are easier on the budget than the high performance substrates.
  • SUPERB DESIGN: ACAT’S tubular design is sturdy and well-built for increased longevity.
  • CORROSION RESISTANT: Each ACAT universal ceramic catalytic converter is CNC-formed in stainless steel for increased rust and corrosion protection.